The Impeccable Golf Courses

Continuing the information series on the golf courses at the Amazing Golf Club, this page aims at offering even more details about the five main golf courses present, their inherent characteristics and particularities, in order to prepare all golfer who wish to come at the location.

Being centered on the idea of a human-nature communion, all the golf courses were built in order to minimize the anthropic impact and to be perfectly merged in the already impressive natural landscape provided by the great outdoors. To this end, each of the five golf courses features specific elements and characteristics which in the end equate to a certain landscape type. More precisely, each golf course will take its participants through an amazing journey into a different natural landscape. Since there are five main golf courses at the Amazing Golf Club, the founding members decided to offer all golfers a unique experience and customize each golf course in order to resemble with a different environment.

  • Course 1: this is the first golf course of the five and the founding members decided to leave this one with the existent conditions, therefore allowing it to emphasize the natural landscape that one might find in the English and Scottish countryside;
  • Course 2: featuring a more exotic appearance, this golf course was improved through the addition of interesting elements, such as rock formations and typical vegetation, in order to mimic the landscape one might find in the alpine environment;
  • Course 3: offering golfers a truly exotic experience, this course features sand dunes, palm trees and even oases, in order to induce a “desert” feeling.
  • Course 4: with lush vegetation and numerous exotic species, this course’s main theme is the rain forest, with its impressive green formations and numerous insects;
  • Course 5: last but not least, this course offers golfers a truly amazing experience, with a landscape similar to the one might find in the Scandinavian Peninsula, with numerous streams and lakes.