Prompt Customer Care for a Bette Experience

By far, the main attraction at the Amazing Golf Club are the golf courses themselves, which are sure to surpass the expectations of even the most demanding golfers or even processionals and competitive players. This page will offer an overview of the golf courses offered at the Amazing Golf Club, the possibilities that customers are faced with when arriving at the location and the various services provided by the highly trained staff.

Having arrived on the club’s grounds, people will be able to leave their vehicles in a large parking, destined for housing numerous automobiles, and once he or she have successfully parked their vehicles, the specialized staff will come to their aid and provide guidance and information. The human relations department will provide the best possible outcome for all customers, enabling them to have a great experience while spending time at the Amazing Golf Club. All that customers need to provide are the details of the reservations made at the club, the preferred duration of stay, and other important aspects that might be of particular relevance for their stay, such as smoking preference or the addition of pets in the accommodation.

Once customers have safely managed to take their rooms and become comfortably accommodated, they are invited to either spend some time in the hotel’s restaurant, where they can serve a cold beverage or even indulge themselves into a complex dish, prepared with great care for details.

Having finished with the restaurant or the bar, customers can then announce at the reception that they wish to start the golfing programme and a special shuttle will take them and all their equipment to one of the five golf courses. A caddy can be provided on-demand, or for those who already have their own, extra pieces of gear and equipment can also be offered if necessary.