Improving One’s Golf Performance

For all those who are at the beginning of their golfing career or who have just come into contact with this amazing sport, this page will hopefully offer a good set of tips and tricks for improving one’s game, both from an amateur and professional perspective. Here are several guidelines to stick to when trying to improve golfing performance and overall gameplay:

  • Identifying the weak areas in one’s game is the first step to take in the direction to improving the game. Determining which are the weakest components in one’s game can be achieved by either self-analyzing the game thoroughly or by addressing the issue to a professional, who’s trained eye will most likely identify the problem in a matter of seconds;
  • Improving one’s posture and pre-shot routine are yet another two things which can make a great difference when it comes to the game of golf. By performing body alignment and golf club positioning before each shot, one can certainly become more consistent in his shots and therefore improve on the game significantly;
  • Controlling the club’s face is something to be attained if one wishes to master the shot with more confidence and consistency. By assuming a correct posture and becoming acquainted with the different outcomes of hitting with the club at various angles, one can become more aware of the capabilities that the club face has to offer;
  • Torso rotation is an often neglected aspect of golf and this is the reason why so many players out there feature such a bad posture and consequently bad swing. By understanding that the torso’s rotation plays a central role in the swing, players can constantly improve on maintaining proper form on the rotation. This in turn will offer more consistent swings and therefore more consistent overall play, winning and enthusiasm.