In the following series of articles, users will be able to find information about the golf club’s establishment, together with useful details about the adjacent hotel, the actual golf courses, as well as the surroundings and natural landscapes in the area.

With an impressive tradition in the field of golf, spanning all the way back into the 19th century, this golf course is family owned and it has been so ever since its inception in the 1940s’. The founding members all wanted to be able to implement their idea of a place where people could play golf and relax, even way back in the First World War. If one goes back in time, to the period when the elders of the family had decided it was time to put their idea to test, he or she could find out that the family members used their prestigious status in the society at the time and were able to purchase extra grounds in their existing estate, this way providing ample space for the development of a golf course.

The established golf course has set the foundation of a well-kept and smooth-running family business, that to this day is still being maintained at the highest possible level, thanks to the passion and enthusiasm for golf of all the family’s generations.

Furthermore, in order to also offer the possibility for staying at the golf course for extended periods of time, the founding members also decided it was time to build a hotel, where the golf club members could rest and spend quality time.

For information about the golf course, golfing capabilities, packages for special members or even advice on improving one’s game, readers are invited to have a closer look on the website’s pages.